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Do I need to make a time reservation?
When you purchase your ticket online, make sure you select the right date and time. 
Please note: time reservation is only possible with an online THIS IS HOLLAND entrance ticket.

I have inner ear- or balance problems or any level of motion sickniss, should I ride the Flight Experience?
We advise people with inner ear- or balance problems or any level of motion sickniss not to ride the Flight Experience.

For whom is THIS IS HOLLAND interesting?
THIS IS HOLLAND is for everyone. From young to old (4 to 104 years), whether residents of the Netherlands or tourists. 

Is there a minimum age for visitors?
Persons shorter than 102 cm and younger than 4 years old are not allowed into the Flight Experience.

How long does a visit to THIS IS HOLLAND last?
A visit to THIS IS HOLLAND lasts 1 hour on average.
There are 4 shows:
1. The Netherlands in the past; 
2. The Netherlands of today;
3. The Flight Experience; 
4. Holland Lounge. 
Together these shows will last around 1 hour.

Is there a waiting time?
Every 15 minutes a new Experience starts. THIS IS HOLLAND has the capacity of 150 visitors per hour.

What are the opening hours?
During the winter season we are open daily from 10:00 h to 20:00 h. The last Experience starts at 19:00 h. During the summer season we are open daily from 10:00 h to 21:00 h. The last Experience starts at 20:00 h. 
For exceptions please check our opening hours.

Are pregnant women and/or people with heart conditions (including pacemakers) allowed into the Flight Experience?
No, pregnant women and people with a heart condition are not permitted into the Flight Experience.

Is THIS IS HOLLAND also suitable for physically challenged persons?
THIS IS HOLLAND is accessible for wheelchairs and wheeled walkers. Our guests who use wheelchairs may enter the Flight Experience only if they are able to transfer from their wheelchair to the ride seat by themselves or with the assistance of a companion. Electric wheelchairs/scooters with a maximum width of 90 cm will be able to enter the experience.  People with disabilities can make use of the lift near the entrance. They will be guided by an employee during this moment.

If you prefer more information or have any questions, please contact us via +31 20 215 3008 or via

What is the duration of The Flight Experience?
The 5D Flight Experience lasts 9 minutes.

What does a ticket cost?
Online: € 15,50 for adults and € 9,50 for children under 13 years. 
Tickets at the cashier: € 16,50 for adults and € 9,50 for children under 13 years.

Are there group reductions?
If you plan to come with a group please contact the reservations department for a personalised offer. You can reach us daily on 020-215 3008 of via

How easy is it to get to THIS IS HOLLAND?
THIS IS HOLLAND can be reached quickly and easily by car and public transport. A free shuttle ferry from outside Central Station Amsterdam takes you across the IJ (the crossing takes four minutes) and then it’s a two-minute walk to THIS IS HOLLAND. For a detailed route description click here.

Is it allowed to take pictures in The Flight Experience?
No it is not allowed to make pictures or video recordings during the experience.

I have not received my ticket(s), what should I do?
Sometimes you cannot find the confirmation mail with the tickets that were sent to you in your inbox. We recommend checking your inbox as well as your spambox thoroughly. Please remember that all e-mail messages are sent to the e-mail address you provided as part of the ordering process. If you still cannot find the confirmation mail with your tickets after these tips, please contact us.

In which language is the experience available?
The spoken parts of the experience are in English.

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