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Frequently asked questions

1. About your visit, tickets, reservations, promotion codes and corona measures

How can I visit THIS IS HOLLAND?

It is necessary to book tickets online and reserve a time slot. This applies to any type of ticket.

I'm late, what now?

Tickets booked through our website?

Until one hour before your visit, you can easily change your ticket(s) yourself with the link in the email. Need any assitance? you can call or email us to reschedule your ticket. Please have the reference number/ticket code ready.

My tickets have expired, what now?

Tickets through our website?

Has the original date expired? Mail the reference number/ticket code along with the new date+time slot to We will gladly rebook it for you.

A gift voucher/gift card?

This remains valid. To make a booking, contact us at

What COVID-19 measures have been taken within THIS IS HOLLAND?

" We provide clear information.

Inside our building, banners give clear instructions on how to safely experience our Experience. We have floor stickers and a separate entrance and exit. Our staff are well informed and ensure that guidelines are followed.

" We provide additional hygiene measures.

There are several disinfection points and contact points, such as door handles, brackets, iPads and toilets, are cleaned extra often. If necessary, we provide personal protective equipment.

2. When can I not participate in the Flight Experience?

Due to safety reasons, you are not allowed to participate in the Flight Experience if you:

- Pregnant;

- Are younger than 4 years old and/or smaller than 100 centimetres;

- Have a history of heart and/or circulatory complaints or hypertension (pace makers; cardiovascular diseases);

- Are recovering from surgery on the back or neck;

- Epilepsy.

3. How long does a visit to THIS IS HOLLAND last?

An average visit to THIS IS HOLLAND lasts one hour. The entire Experience consists of four parts; two informative shows about Holland, a unique 9-minute 5D flying experience and the opportunity to delve deeper into the Holland Lounge.

When booking your tickets, you choose a 15-minute time slot. The Experience will start between these two times.

4. What time should I be present?

When booking a ticket, you select a 15-minute time slot. Within this 15-minute slot, the 1-hour Experience will start. It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes before the selected time slot so that you can join the Experience on time.

An example: do you have the 13:00 - 13:15 time slot? Then we advise you to be present around 12:50. The Experience starts between 13:00 and 13:15 and ends around 14:00.

5. I am afraid of heights, is a visit recommended?

The experience of vertigo is very person-dependent and therefore difficult to determine. If there is acrophobia, extreme fear of flying or motion sickness, we advise against visiting.

6. Is THIS IS HOLLAND easy to reach?

THIS IS HOLLAND is easy to reach by public transport and by car. From Amsterdam Central Station, take the free ferry to the 'Buiksloterweg', after which you will arrive at THIS IS HOLLAND within 3 minutes. If you come by car, you can park your car in the A'DAM Tower car park. This is located under the THIS IS HOLLAND building.

Openingstijden, Locatie & Route

7. In which language is the Experience?

The spoken shows at THIS IS HOLLAND can be experienced in Dutch or English. In addition, we offer subtitles in either English or Dutch

8. Is THIS IS HOLLAND also accessible for disabled persons?

THIS IS HOLLAND is accessible to people in wheelchairs or with rollators. A prerequisite for experiencing the flight is that you can take a seat independently or with the help of your companion in the seats of the Flight Experience. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters with a maximum width of 90 cm are allowed in the experience. Disabled persons can use the lift and will be assisted by a staff member. A disabled toilet is also available.

Should you require further information, we advise you to contact us on +31 20 215 3008 or via

9. Is there a group discount?

THIS IS HOLLAND offers a group discount from 10 people onwards. Would you like to visit us with a group? Then contact us at


10. Can I have food and drinks?

In the coffee corner, we serve various hot and cold drinks and small treats such as donuts, cheesecake or popcorn. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with delicious apple pie and whipped cream (before or after the Flight Experience). Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your own food.

11. I have not received my tickets, what should I do?

The confirmation e-mail with the tickets will be sent within 30 minutes after the order is placed to the e-mail address you entered. If you have not yet received anything, we advise you to check your 'spam box' first. Didn't receive a confirmation e-mail? Please contact us by e-mail; or call: +31 20 215 3008