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This is Holland has two brand new (pre)shows!

At This is Holland, we are super excited to introduce our completely revamped (pre)shows! We have got rid of the old material and replaced it with a fresh, up-to-date presentation that fits perfectly with these times. Get ready for a new experience where we show you Holland and our fight against water even better.

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Why renew?

Our current show is already 7 years old and was starting to feel a bit old-fashioned. Therefore, it was time for something new! The new preshows are not only more modern, but tell the story of the Netherlands in a way that really appeals. And with our new presenter, it will only get better.

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Meet Jolijn

We are super proud of our new presenter, Jolijn. She is talented, has great charisma and a fine voice to listen to. Thanks to her experience in theatre and film, she can bring the story of the Netherlands to life as if you were watching an exciting feature film instead of a boring history lesson

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Behind the scenes

Shooting the new shows was an adventure! We had to deal with typical Dutch weather - from sunny to freezing cold and windy. Rowing with a camera and a piece of text was not easy, but Jolijn did a great job. Even in the cold without a jacket, she remained professional and you can't see any of that on the footage. We even filmed show 1 like a mini feature film with drones and cranes for spectacular shots.

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Behind the scenes

Have a sneakpeak behind the scenes!