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At THIS IS HOLLAND, experience a spectacular 5D Flight Experience over many must-sees of the Netherlands! Feel like a bird and admire from the air the famous Amsterdam canals, the Wadden Sea, the Veluwe and more. A truly breathtaking experience!

Amazing special effects - such as wind, mist and smell - stimulate all the senses and make it seem as if you are really flying through the clouds, crossing dikes and braving storms. Be surprised by the beauty of the Netherlands and fall in love with the feeling of flying!

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You may be asked for your identification at the box office.

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When am I not allowed to participate in the flight experience?

Due to safety reasons, you are not allowed to participate in the flight itself if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have a history of heart and/or circulatory problems or hypertension (pacemakers, cardiovascular diseases).
  • Are recovering from back or neck surgery
  • Have epilepsy
  • Visitors shorter than 100 cm or younger than 4 years may not participate in the experience.

In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • Visitors between 5 and 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must, during the flight, sit next to the child on the same bench.
  • Visitors between 100 and 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult who, during the flight, must sit next to the visitor on the same bench.