Feel the wind in your hair

The highlight of THIS IS HOLLAND is The Flight Experience: you’ll feel like you’re really flying. Take your seat... Fasten your seatbelt – And fly!
5D Flight Experience
THIS IS HOLLAND uses the latest technology to give you the sensation of flying. You’ll be one of 40 people suspended in front of a huge domed screen, with your hands and feet dangling freely.

The wind in your hair
During the 9-minute long film that takes you on a breath taking journey along many beautiful places across the country, your seat will tilt to give you the sensation of flying. With atmospheric effects like wind, mist and smells, you’ll feel like you’re flying through the air, crossing dikes and braving storms.

A top-flight country
The Netherlands is particularly interesting to experience from the air because you get a good picture of its unique flat patchwork quilt landscape and of the hard work invested in it. Will you fly with us?
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Unfortunately we must announce that THIS IS HOLLAND will close until further notice due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Everyone who’s already bought a ticket for this period can get a refund. We hope to be able to welcome everyone back at THIS IS HOLLAND as soon as possible.